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On November 11th, NYC hosts the largest Veterans Day Parade in the United States. It attracts close to 1M spectators and hosts up to 50K marchers. After the parade ends, most people find their way to Times Square (This event is completely separate from the Veterans Day Parade).

It is our intent to attract and introduce the NYC based Veteran Organizations to the 350K+ people a day that walk through Times Square. Information by our organizations will be given out to let them know about our Veterans and their families. Many organizations will have a “first time chance” to let the people and tourists of NYC know who they are and the great work they do for those who have served.

In addition, six Roll Stationary Bicycles will be set up in Times Square for government officials, celebrities, and all passersby to ride against a computerized course donated by Wahoo Fitness to compete against a live person or an avatar. The course will be displayed on a screen attached to the bike and/or a Times Square Screen.

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